Fast, secure and type safe APIs for your domain objects

Write business logic on day 1, not day 20

Author your domain model
Access fully managed APIs and hosted SDKs in 2 minutes

 Column Encryption

Disk encryption is always on

For extra sensitive information, flip a switch for enhanced column level encryption


Our SDKs natively support JWT issued by any OAuth 2.0 compliant signer

In addition, you can provision API keys or use a custom webhook

 Schema Migration

Stress free schema migration

Drag and drop to map old fields to new. We handle copying and transforming the existing data. Turn on dynamic traffic routing for 0 down-time

Management Console

Control access, monitor traffic, configure encryption and manage migration. Connect with GitHub to version control changes to your schema

We Host the SDKs

Copy dependencies into your project and begin calling your new APIs in your favorite programming language immediately. We know it’s tedious work to generate and host SDKs. So we do it for you


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